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The How Of Growing Succulents



The process of planting a garden is as easy as it is as fun and the following are some ideas. Gardening gives me this vigorous pursuit to find something new to do in the garden. Regardless, time is in most cases a huge constraint. Nonetheless, the activities involved can be completed with less time and resources. The young ones can also be incorporated into this fun! With space being a limitation, it is important that I be creative.


Succulents can actually be a perfect way to add life to your garden as their colors add pop and their diversity is good for the eye.


Coming up is the how.


There is the need to look for a small pot that has to have a hole in the bottom to facilitate drainage. It is imperative to note that succulents are very specific when it comes to the type of soil that they thrive in implying the need to purchase this type of soil. The cost of the soil is relatively cheap, alternatively, it can be borrowed as a cutting from those that grow succulents. In any case, when the sempervivums succulents grow in size eventually, one can make cuttings of their own. Two important resources of finances and time will be saved later with having own cuttings.


Make sure you put the soil into the pot at least 1-inch or more for the pot to be exposed. You should dig a hole inside the soil to make a hole so that the succulent can have a room for planting. Make sure to leave more than or equal of an inch so that the succulent can be expose. To learn more about succulents, visit https://www.britannica.com/plant/succulent.


It is recommended to always water the succulent and put the near a sunny place. If you put too much fertilizer can worsen the situation that putting none. The best quantity of fertilizer (nitrogen) is 50% to 25%.  Succulents growth can be better with or without an addition of fertilizer, provided all external factors are favorable but not cold weathers.


Keep away from direct contact of snow, and it may lead to death of the succulent. Lots of good sunlight is best for the succulent.


The best light condition for succulent is an indirect sunlight, you should place it away from direct sunlight like below a shade where they is enough flow of wind. The sizes of the pot may vary according to the number of the plants you have, a bigger pot is good for large number of succulent while smaller one is for just a few plants. Due to high retain ability of  water in succulent, you are required to not over-water them. Make sure the succulent soil is dry before you water them again. A dry soil is required before you water your plant and this would ensure  continued productivity.